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 The company Nypro hutní prodej, a.s. is the wholesale deals with the whole basic matallurgical goods. The headquaters and one of the warehouse is situated in Malé Svatoňovice near Trutnov. Currently the company has 136 employees in three locations all over Czech republic.

From the beginnig, the company Nypro hutní prodej, a.s. is succesfully expanding offered range of products and nowadays supplies from the stocks rolled sections I, IPE, U, UPE, HEA, HEB, angles, flat bars, wire, reinforcing meshes, reinforcing steel, tubes, open and closed thin-walled profiles round steel and also a wide range of hot and cold rolled sheets. The operative amount of stock is about 28000 tons. Our suppliers are mills from Czech republic, states of EU, even mills outside Europe.

In Male Svatonovice the company NYPRO hutní prodej,a.s. has a modern warehouse with metallurgical material covering area of 6,000 m2, which consists of a three-aisled steel hall with a span of 30 + 24 + 24 m and total length of 74 m. Each hall is equipped with a remote-controlled overhead crane loaded of 10 tons. All cranes are equipped with digital scales. On one side of the hall there is a siding passed through, on the other side, there is road for vehicles. A cutting center Behringer is installed in the hall to cut rod materials, there is also a device for cutting sheets.

In October 2008 we opened new warehouse in Prague 10 – Hostivař. It consists of a four-aisled steel hall equipped with modern cranes with electromagnets to servise customers in central Bohemia, Prague, western and northern Bohemia. The storage capacity is 15000 tons in area of 11000 m2. There is also modern cutting center to cut rod materials up to a dimension of 750 mm and device for cutting sheets.

During a summer 2013 we started a new distribution center for Moravia and Selesia. It consists of six-aisled steel hall with area of 18000 m2. Service center for cutting steel coils up to force 12 mm thickness was established in one hall. The warehouse is equipped with overhead cranes with electromagnets and pliers to cut sheets and one crane with a hook for handling coils weighing up to 35 tons. The siding leads into one hall for unloading of wagons directly into warehouse positions. On the other side, there is a road for vehicles. 

Currently the company NYPRO hutní prodej, a.s. has a wide range of customers from engineering, construction but also from traders with metallurgical materials. The company mainly use its own transportations.

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