The company Nypro hutní prodej, a.s. is successor of company Nypro, s.r.o. Malé Svatoňovice established in March 1991 as a privite company by brothers Jiři and Miloš Nývlt. Since the beginning the main activity of the business was wholesales deals with metallurgical materials and since 1992 the range of products get expanded . At the beginning of the year 1992 the company moved to own storage space in Malé Svatoňovice situated 15 km from Trutnov in Northeastern Bohemia. There was established the main stock with metallurgical materials. After that were established separate building supply store in Úpice, Mladé Buky and Broumov.

The former storage space lacked of capacity and in 1995 was decided to bulit new warehouse. The warehouse is equipped with a sidding and.covered area of 6,000 m2.

1.1.1997 Nypro s.r.o. was splited into two separate companies – Nypro hutní prodej, a.s. and Stavebniny Nypro, a.s.

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